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Take control of youranalytical data

Subscription management & event tracking for privacy advocates.

Subscription & Review Analytics for iOS - Get valuable subscription and user insights. | Product Hunt

Manage your subscriptions

Connect your App Store Connect or Google PlayStore account to easily track your subscriptions and in-app purchases across the globe.

Subscription management for Appstore and Playstore

Access Actionable Reports

Better understand your audience and your income flow from application stores using the pre-made reports by Socketkit. Figure out where you're losing your audience and the reason behind it.

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Manage User Feedbacks

Follow new reviews from AppStore and Playstore from more than 155 countries. Track your competitors and receive notifications from Slack, Discord and Microsoft Teams.

AppStore and PlayStore review management

Valuable Metrics

Get actionable data that will help grow your business

Learn your conversion and churn rates from different countries and audiences to get actionable data best fits your business. Analyze your revenue flow from various filters and better understand anomalies and act upon them.

Subscriptions are tracked monthly using Socketkit.

Transactions were stored and analyzed on Socketkit.

Reviews were analyzed on Socketkit.

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