People using Socketkit

Protect yourcustomer data

Privacy is a human right.

We follow the best practices, and we're transparent about it.

Here is a list of our recent improvements on our SDKs and infrastructure.

SSL Certificates

All network communications between CDN and Socketkit servers are end to end encrypted using ECDSA SSL certificates.

Verify & Sign

All communications between SDKs and Socketkit servers are signed and verified using HMAC SHA-512.

Web Application Firewall

We use a state of the art web application firewall to track suspicious payloads and remove unwanted requests.

Network Firewall

We reject all requests except Cloudflare to our internal servers to prevent unauthorized network attempts.


We encrypt and hash all of our users' credentials using Argon2 with multiple iterations.

Backups & Transparency

We back up our data regularly to provide 99.99% uptime and inform users on service interruptions.


We believe in the fundamental right to security and privacy. We do our best to protect your and your customer's data and protect them from malicious attacks. We're currently in the process of complying with GDPR, CCPA, and HIPAA. Please keep in touch for further updates. If you have any questions regarding security and privacy practices in Socketkit, please contact us.